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This is lookup DNS records tool, it created for fetch all records about domain (A,MX,NS,...). You can read related article here - dns records lookup. The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical naming system for computers, services, or any resource participating in the Internet. It associates various information with domain names assigned to such participants. The Domain Name System also defines the technical underpinnings of the functionality of this database service. For this purpose it defines the DNS protocol, a detailed specification of the data structures and communication exchanges used in DNS, as part of the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP). A DNS zone consists of a collection of connected nodes authoritatively served by an authoritative nameserver. (Note that a single nameserver can host several zones.) Administrative responsibility over any zone may be divided, thereby creating additional zones. A Domain Name System server can delegate responsibility for a domain to another DNS server by returning an NS record when queried. This tool if fully free online nslookup for fetch dns records about domains and hostnames. This tool making geo ip lookup for domain name and fetching geo country, geo city information except fetch dns records.
IP 1104.31.77.241
Country location United States
Region name CA
City location San Francisco
ISP (provider) name N/A

Common records
host class ttl cpu os IN 3789 RFC8482
cpu: IANA number designating the CPU of the machine referenced by this record.
os: IANA number designating the Operating System on the machine referenced by this record.

host class ttl ip IN 300 IN 300
ip: An IPv4 addresses in dotted decimal notation.

host class ttl target IN 18609 IN 18609
target: FQDN of the name server which is authoritative for this hostname.